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Make sure you\’re protected from the opening kickoff with the adidas™ Adults\’ Ghost Reflex Shin Guards. When the match gets aggressive, your shins will stay safe behind the hard-shield front plates, while the EVA backings will help keep them comfortable. Drive towards the goal and kick the ball in for the win!

Features and Benefits

  • Hard-shield front plates are made of 95% polypropylene and 5% thermoplastic gum to help keep your shins protected
  • EVA backings and soft synthetic linings provide cushioning and comfort
  • Single front closures with attached ankle guards make it easy to adjust the width and provide additional protection for your ankles

SpecificationsWhat\’s in the Box

  • adidas™ Adults\’ Ghost Reflex Shin Guards
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Cheap Jerseys china Isn\’t the most athletically gifted player, but makes up for it with everything else. Not flagged. Missed two tackles, including Jordan Howard on a 42 yard run in the season finale loss. Dreesman stond ondertussen met zijn gebruikelijke plompheid de bar overeind te houden, en zei op alles alleen maar: ja ja ja ja ja. Ja ja ja ja, in plaats van zijn kont te lichten en mij met de verse vangst van die avond alleen te laten. Zijn bril was beslagen, alsof zijn opgekropte geilheid zich door de glazen een weg naar buiten probeerde te vinden Cheap Jerseys china.

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